Custom Tee Shirt Designs & Portfolio






Ali Alomary offers custom t-shirts from Shirtlogic, decals, stickers, apparel, jerseys, and pre-tattoo designs. Whatever you design needs are, contact me below and see what I can do for you. Outsource all your design needs. I also offer discounts for bulk orders from ShirtLogic, Bare Foot Athletics, and Wesley Custom.

Typically I can have a demo logo, graphic, or custom screen print idea sent out to you within 72 hours of your first payment. Me and my team of seasoned designers will come up with a few mock up ideas which will take into account your desired end results. We will then refine it up to 3 times without charging you more. We believe that in doing so, you can get what you paid for, and hopefully send your friends and family our way. Contact us today to get a free quote.